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Sociodemographic and lifestyle factors predict 5year changes in. Yusuf maitama sule university kano, formerly northwest university kano is a kano state governmentowned university with a temporary campus located at the center of the city of kano and a main campus located along gwarzo road. Workshops at the creativity centre consist of shorter presentations of two to six contact sessions and merely require that a minimum of 70% of contact sessions is attended, which in turn leads to a. These are merely a few ideas that will serve as the first grade of your journey to using a whiteboard to help make any type of meeting you lead the most productive possible. By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Teacher education at the northwest university has had a proud history since 1919, and the faculty of education is now the largest provider of contact and open distance learning in south africa. For some of us, its a 15 minute regroup, while for others, it is a brainstorm that takes up an entire afternoon. The worlds most valuable whiteboard session by steve jobs. Unit for open distance learning nwu hoffman straat street, 2520 potchefstroom 3. Academic rules on distance qualifications downloads student resources iwb timetable live sessions. Currently the unit provides service to approximately 30 000 students, mainly from the faculty of education sciences teachers but also to smaller number of students from health sciences nursing, arts and theology. The majority of sessions in 2017 at all learner support centres will be facilitated utilising the interactive whiteboards. Nwu calendar 2020 updated 30 january framework for academic calendar 2020 refresh your page and clear your caches regularly to ensure that you always receive the latest versions of documents.

In addition, information sharing sessions will be held in order to promote self. The next time you find yourself in front of a group with a marker in your hand, consider these goto whiteboard tips. January 2020 february 2020 march 2020 april 2020 may 2020 june 2020 july 2020. See more ideas about responsive classroom, morning messages and this or that questions. The first 100 applications from icfp members in good standing may qualify for a subsidy from the institute. Whiteboard session vapour cloudware tim mercer ceo of vapour. Our whiteboards are designed to withstand hard and extended use without scratching, ghosting, or discoloration. The number of weeks see below is the students responsibility and must be successfully completed before the bed foundation phase degree can be awarded. See more of unit for open distance learning nwu on facebook. The aim is to make a difference in the understanding of educational content by both teachers and their learners.

Northwest university nwu invites prospective students to apply for 2018 academic year. Dry erase designs is the producer of custom, highperformance dry erase whiteboards. Northwest university, potchefstroom 2520, south africa. The northwest university nwu is a south african university with three campuses at. Prefer simple things to more advanced modeling techniques everybody understands boxes and arrows. Below you will find new contact details for the various support teams and resources that you may require. Interactive whiteboard sessions at learning support centres on dedicated saturdays are compulsory, as it is evident from research and student feedback that our throughput rate is amongst the highest in the country. As a result, the nwu has setup nine libraries in nearby schools and communities. As you may be aware, the university council has resolved on a unitary structure and as of 2017 the nwu will no longer function as separate campuses. A new academic calendar will take effect with the 20162017 academic year. There is no better opportunity to learn about being an entrepreneur than meeting with industry pros who can help make you successful. Study postgraduate diploma in management at nwu zarportal.

Anyone on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device can see what you are thinking in realtime and join the. Lecturer january 2014 december 2017 advanced diploma in teaching modules english as a medium of instruction design the module. You will need to accept new responsibilities and develop much greater selfreliance. Unit for open distance learning nwu hoffman straat street, 2520 potchefstroom rated 3. Easter weekend 10 april take note that no online assistance will be available during the easter weekend 10 april, although the virtual library remains open. Decwhiteboardsessions splash our scheduling system has changed. However, its important to note that when shopping for apps that allow remote attendees to participate in whiteboard sessions, be sure you choose one that is not only interactive but allows multiple users to make changes in realtime. Combine your search with, or use only one of the following fields. A whiteboard can be a super helpful tool in meetings and group discussions. Technology enhanced learning in open distance learning at nwu. Enter the first 4 letters of your course code followed by an asteriks, for example agla and select your campus. Whiteboard sessions from vapour media 49 months ago. Unit for open distance learning educational distance nwu. In this weeks whiteboard wednesday, samantha humphries, international solutions marketing manager at rapid7, explains the.

But what is the value of holding strategy sessions, and why do so many of them feel like such huge wastes of time. Worked integrated learning wil wil is compulsory for all bed students who are registered in the faculty of education. Video watch the latest explainer videos, case study discussions, and whiteboard sessions, featuring ideas and practical advice for leaders. Vapour ceo tim mercer explaining how our network is. The 7 whiteboard sessions every social media strategist needs to have in 2012 the biggest areas for opportunity and resolution across the enterprisesoc. During these sessions the emphasis is on learning not teaching.

But, when its not used effectively, it can be a distraction or even a joke. It is one of the universities established in nigeria in 2012 which are overseen and accredited by the nuc national universities commission. We all use strategy sessions in our projects to some extent. Academic calendar changes to begin in 20162017 nebraska. Boxes, arrows, circles, and lines get you a long way. Top experts and professors in management explain the ideas, practices, and research shaping business today. Please prepare thoroughly for each whiteboard session and ask questions during the semester. At the time of finalising the odl information booklets, the structures had not yet been finally approved and i therefore invite you to please keep an eye on the nwu website, where information will be posted regarding the facultys structures and officials. You can create videos by clicking create at the top of the page.

Whiteboard session next generation cloud voice platform tim mercer ceo of vapour. For the past few years the administrative council has had many conversations with faculty, staff and students regarding the academic calendar. For the past 35 years, the faculty of economic and management sciences of the nwu has delivered competent graduates to southern africa, who, in turn, make a proven contribution to the social and economic growth in the region. Information science in 2014 and her honours in information science in 2017. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. All prospective teachers will now have to register for a bed nqf level 7. The unit for open distance learning is situated on the potchefstroom campus of the north west university. Student life will probably be a very different experience from that which you are used to. Unit for open distance learning open learning group. These will replace any other contact details that you may have. Shared powerpoints distance nwu northwest university.

Important dates 2017 school terms as published by the ministry of education public and school holidays notice. Northwest university nwu the northwest university has three campuses namely potchefstroom, mahikeng. The topic of leading meetings is broad and entire books and organizations are devoted to it. Use the following email address regarding examination timetables for contact students. The nwus 2018 term dates including welcome of first years, start of classes, examinations, recesses, etc will only be available in the second semester after approval of the nwu council in september 2017. Students will be informed accordingly if and when such a transfer has taken place. Advanced certificate in teaching foundation phase intermediate phase act school for human and social sciences for education open distance learning students pro spect us information booklet 2017 northwest university potchefstroom campus faculty of education sciences.

If you need help with efundi you can call the numbers below. We use cookies to remember your preferences and measure how our site is used. Please select sign up below to see all of our mentors. Top 4 interactive whiteboard apps for remote meetings. For each study unit there will be a tab on the left hand side as the semester progress. The role of academic librarians in teaching information literacy skills to. Videos created by you and others in your organization will appear here. By unit for open distance learning nwu updated about 5 years ago. At the time of finalising the odl information booklets, the structures had not yet been finally approved and i therefore invite you to please keep an eye on the. Under each tab you will receive the relevant information that is needed to study for this module. Welcome to northwest university nwu join us online. They are oneonone meetings where you can come in and get advice about anything. I do quite a bit of it myself, and ive found a couple of things to be very effective. For each model 3 contact sessions are scheduled during a semester or 6 for a year module.

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