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Urban land lease policy of ethiopia case study on addis ababa. Urban land lease policy of ethiopia case study on addis. There fore, this paper has the following general and specific objectives. Development, ministry of local government, urban authorities association of uganda uaau and other relevant government and nongovernment stakeholders as well as with the jwp members in uganda cities alliance, dfid, world bank and giz. Land policy and land administration mark marquardt. Environmental monitoring and geographic information systems 43. The management of urban growth also requires adequate supply of land and. Chapter iii land administration and land management.

Tendayi gondo urban and regional planning department, university of venda, p bag x5050, thohoyandou 0950, limpopo province, south africa. Five major challenges to land management in our changing world. Land management can have positive or negative effects on the terrestrial ecosystems. Associated with the rapid expansion of urbanization, a lot of land has been converted from rural to urban. As a r es ul t, l a r g e an d m e di u m ur ba n ce nt r e s h av e ex hi bi t e d a. It was after the 1994 urban land reform proclamation that the issue of establishing a modern land information system has been raised and discussed at the top management level. This has been the particular case in china, korea and other asian countries where cities play a key role, in terms of liberalization and links with other cities. Learning from the management and development of current selforganized and communityoriented cohousing projects in berlin.

A community designed to provide opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. Five major challenges to land management in our changing. Land management is inseparable from urban planning and the two must work together to deliver sustainable, resilient urban social and economic growth. However, good urban governance practice in land administration has not improved. Moreover, urban land management instruments including urban planning have been operating in accordance with. Land lease policy in addis ababa ethiopian, chamber. Mbis have the potential to serve as an efficient alternative to administrative regulations and prescriptive laws for addressing environmental issues. Urban land development a new era of luxury lifestyle. A case study of garden house proceedings of iser international conference, nairobi, kenya 22nd23rd september 2016, isbn. An understanding of the historical factors which underpin nigerias urban land administration, planning and governance system, and the current. The teams explored how existing processes mediate public space and land management. This growth has often been characterized by lowdensity sep. The challenges are greatest in the peri urban areas.

Tendayi gondo urban and regional planning department, university of venda, p bag x5050, thohoyandou 0950. The core idea is to move beyond mapping, cadastral surveying, and land registration to use land administration as a means of achieving sustainable development. Strong land owner opposition to forcible land acquisition, combined with extremely limited fiscal capacity has left the urban local bodies ulbs with very few options to. Urban strategic planning is a specific instrument of management which encourages citizen participation in local policy decisions. The urban land development and management department at ethiopian civil service university ecsu on academia. Land administration remains poorly organized as far.

The partnerships which emerge from urban strategic planning are especially created for designing and managing sustainable projects for the city. It suggests a reorganization of urban land use planning and management machinery in the area and institutionalization of local planning authority as indispensable to achieving sustainable land use planning and management in the city. Welcome to module six of the urban and city management distance learning course. Lumasec urbact working group land use management for sustainable european cities lumasec deals with strategic land use management, as it is one of the most important topics for competitiveness, attractiveness and sustainability of european cityregions. The integration of these disciplines is known as urban development. The urban land ceiling and regulation act, 1976 aimed at reducing the concentration of urban land holdings by imposing ceiling on urban land holdings in 72 major cities and regulating transfers of land. The impact of implementing different cordon size designs on land use patterns in portland, or, asia spilotros dissertation pdf. Wa municipality is not clear on weather enforcement andor compliance pose as a challenge to sustainable urban development. Course objective this course is designed to highlight both issues and strategies for the better management of the. Practices in india in india, urban land management is done with using of following basic three land management techniques. Modeling urban development for land use, transportation, and environmental planning paul waddell he relationships among land use, transportation, and the environ ment are at the heart of growth management. The management of land information the establishment of financial management procedures developing awareness in the user community. He also worked at the office of finance and budget management for construction projects for the city and county of san francisco. There is increasing debate on the role of marketbased instruments mbis to reduce land use conversions and other environmental issues.

Land use management encyclopedia of life support systems. To implement these initiatives globalizing cities need to develop urban land management strategies to provide land for industrial and commercial development, to facilitate the formation of publicprivate partnerships, and to finance the provision of infrastructure and social overhead capital investments. It further examines alternative policy, legislative, institutional and implementation mechanisms, and makes recommendations deduced from a thorough analysis of. Prior to joining urban land development, he worked at a privatelyheld mortgage banking firm where he managed loan originations and securing new warehouse credit facilities. To enable participants understand the concept of land and sustainable development. Over the past 50 years, land development has been predominantly on the urban or suburban fringe. Perspectives on capacity, utilization and transformative possibilities management research and practice vol. Implementation of urban land use plans article pdf available in journal of the american institute of planners 443. Application of land management tools in combination. Among the policy measures, urban land lease policy was one and undertaken concerning urban land management issue in relation to a market oriented land allocation policy. An official statement by a government of its intentions and plans regarding the conservation, use, and allocation of land, but does not have the. Strengthening good governance in urban land management.

They are the result of careful planning by civil and design engineers, project managers, architects, environmental planners and surveyors. The conflicts, shortcomings, and implications of the urban. However, the program started spontaneously and in a fragmented manner. Following the collapse of the soviet union and the limitations it exposed of socialist state planning, the influence of capitalist forms of marketdriven development or neoliberalism accelerated globally. Causes and consequences of informal settlement planning in lusaka district. The emerging concern chac construction of new suburban highways induces additional. Toward a strategy for urban growth management in michigan. Urban land management is a young and vibrant realty company with lot of passion and burning ambitions.

From the land use and land cover change point of view, expansion of urban areas is of greater importance because of its strong effect on other land cover classes, such as agricultural lands, non built areas, forests and others. Sustainable urban development and land use management. This requires the land delivery process to be participatory, equitable, and transparent. More than half of the world population now lives in cities globally. In general, three types of land management strategies can be distinguished table 2. Globalization, structural change and urban land management. India, urban land ceiling, plot reconstitution, urban land development, land management, urban land policy. In the area of urban land management, this in turn provided the rationale for land nationalization, the substitution of parastatal land development authorities for. In module six we introduce you to urban land and the critical role it has to play in the development of a sustainable city. Urbanisation has been the engine of economic development, though conventional methods of managing urban growth have failed to meet the needs of predominantly lowincome migrants and the indigenous urban populations. Land resources are used for a variety of purposes which may include organic agriculture, reforestation, water resource management and ecotourism projects. New urban land file management system of ethiopia 9005 abebe zeluel, solomon kebede, baheru zeyenu and tuomo heinonen ethiopia. Pdf on mar 19, 2014, shashikant kumar and others published urban land management find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate.

Land supply, land tenure, land registration and land as a. Value price of land derives from the value of its use residential, industrial, commercial, public, agricultural. The land management paradigm can be used by any organization, especially national governments, to design, construct, and monitor las. In land management, globally, these constituents of good governance have gained significant attention in recent times. Large cities, towns and even small neighborhoods do not spring up overnight. Strategic vision for land development and management, land and the concept of sustainable development, property and. Good land management avoids degradation and the need for extensive and costly rehabilitation. An assessment of the challenges and prospects of good. Urban studies and planning dissertations and theses nohad a. Most government interventions into urban land management are far too centralized. Any discussion of land management needs to be based on an assessment of the political and economic context that determines outcomes. Efficient and effective land management is essential for urban development and growth. Sustainable assessment, cape town, south africa download pdf.

Despite these successes, further progress in the establishment of effective and sustainable land management systems is inhibited by the fragmented character of the land reforms. Many nations have national regulations regarding landuse planning. Glossary of land use and planning terms 3 active living community. Land management can have positive or negative effects on the. The main objective of this study was therefore, to assess the physical development and land use planning guidelines in the wa municipality and analyse people compliance for sustainable land management. Iv land use management willy verheye encyclopedia of life support systems eolss while in the past land use management focused mainly on agricultural production, it now deals also with many other uses like urban. Integrating and implementing urban agriculture in public space into land use planning.

An evaluation of institutional response options to land informalization in ethiopian cities. Chapter 1 scope and nature of land management introduction causes of land degradation broad principles of sustainable land management harnessing the people careers in land management chapter. Effective urban land management system in kenya has to strive to eliminate the current abuse in land allocation, to minimise the inefficiencies inherent in public land allocation procedures, and to curb corrupt practices as well as criminal land deals that the government faces during the process of managing urban land. The management of urban growth and the actual planning of cities in. Finally, a wellfunctioning land market is supported by a good land administration and management system that improves ability to plan, attract investment, and capitalize. Ulm is formed by mr dinesh nagpal, mr mukesh yadav and mr trilok sharma who have knowledge and experience of this industry with passion to build unmatched structures with innovative designs, fresh ideas, beautiful aesthetics and high end technology, and an ambition to raise the bar the way. Land lease policy in addis ababa l and lease policy in addis ababa 7 the urban land management system and identifying issues and problems underlying the gap between supply and demand.

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