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Outside linebacker technique and drills for the multiple 3. This makes our will weak side linebacker more of a coverage linebacker. The safeties make force calls to their side to determine who the force player is. Lb football any of the defensive players forming a second line of defense behind. Because there is no threat of a cutback, the sam linebacker gets into. Proper linebacker stance the first drill well do will get your players into the proper stance. Many kids fall into the trap of watching the backfield and trying to tackle the guy with the ball. Today im going to talk to you about linebacker drills for stopping the run. Linebackers generally align themselves before the ball is snapped by standing upright in a twopoint stance as opposed to the. Purpose to work on speed, agility, and tackling technique drill setup place 4 cones in a. Like the other two linebackers, sam and mike, hes primarily concerned with stopping the run, but he quickly transitions into a pass defender as needed and often ends up assigned to slot receiverseven more than the sam. Everyday linebacker drills you need to be using at knox college, we run a 34 defense with a slanting front. Football 101 tackle football football drills youth football football techniques sports.

Weakside linebacker is usually the right outside linebacker in a 43 scheme. Linebacker is not a position, it is a state of mind. Below are outside linebacker drills for run stopping, pass coverage, pass rushing, and tackling. There are two drills today that im going to use to emphasize the most important characteristics of a runstopping linebackers and the first one would be to defeat blocks.

The weakside linebacker commonly referred to as will is not by any means a weaker player, simply playing from the lesscovered side without having to worry about the tight end. If there is a 5 or 7 call to the linebackers side, he should attack the guard executing the block and get pad under pad, keeping his. The purpose of this article is to discuss a few inside linebacker techniques that we believe are important, and then describe drills to help develop the techniques. A quarterback drill that can be used is the straight arm drill. In the 34 system, it is imperative to have four coaches operating the different parts of the defense. There are four linebacker positions in alabama defensive coordinator kirby smarts defense. The first drill in the progression is 4 point shock. The will, or weakside linebacker, will line up on the side of the center opposite the tight end.

Here are some key points to remind your linebackers of with regards to stance. The inside and middle linebacker drills below are designed to build a complete leader to anchor the middle of the defense. Speed and agility are necessary for this position since it often requires dropping into coverage or running laterally across the field. Nick sabans alabama pass coverages rileykolste football. The outside linebacker who is reducing spills the ball toward the appropriate force player.

To be a strong linebacker, you need to have speed, brains, strength and be a. Outside linebackers are usually among the most versatile of defenders on a football field. The dline wants to free up a large, athletic linebacker corps to make plays all over the field. His main responsibility is the a gap on the other side of the center. Linebackers are members of the defensive team, and line up approximately three to five yards 4 m behind the line of scrimmage, behind the defensive linemen, and therefore back up the line. Inside linebacker techniques and drills to develop them. Linebackers also need to be disciplined and play downhill. The weakside linebacker typically on the weak side of the offensive. Flag football drills and practice plans regina youth flag football. He needs to provide strong run support and fill his gap on the run, but he also is required to drop in short zones in both cover 2 and cover 3. Plus whats known as a bandit the mike and will are considered the inside linebackers in this formation, while the sam and bandit are the outside linebackers. Dl will start the drill in a 3point stance and to the left of dummies.

Through the accumulation of this information i was able to. At times, he will also play mantoman coverage on either the tight end or the number two or three receiver. The mike linebacker will line up directly behind the nose tackle or shaded over either one of his shoulders. Killer youth football linebacker fundamentals and drills. Outside linebacker technique and drills for the multiple 34 defense youtube see more. Weak side the side of the football opposite the strong side. So just the base what were doing the two stack backers to the left and to the right where youre strong youre weak where you want to call him sam and will are you want to call him lion and ram, theyre reading the guard to their side. On command, dl will twohand punch hand shield 1st, then hand shiver the butt of the stepover dummy 2nd, then repeat.

The strongside olb is shaded over the te while the weakside olb is spread out wider than the strongside backer. In this course coach william lund, assistant coach at saginaw valley state university, takes you through video analyis and tips to enable your linebaclkers to be the best they can be. There may be no more important position on the football field than the quarterback. They have major responsibilities defending the run and the pass. The middle linebacker is lined up over the center and about five yards back. Linebacker simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Just like most secondary units it consists of two safeties and two cornerbacks. A running back who has been handed the ball may often cut to the weaker side of the formation depending on the play, in which case it is the wills job to tackle. The mike linebacker takes his run through in the weak side b gap. With no threat of an inside run, the will linebacker immediately fits to the outside of the defensive end. The success of a linebacker stopping a run play for minimum gain lies in his ability to read the play and react to it without hesitation. Linebacker read drills for youth football one of the most critical, and difficult to coach, parts of playing linebacker is reading guards to determine what the play will be. This is a crucial read to recognize an outside blitz. Linebacker drills to stop the run joe daniel football.

One defines a confined contact region 5 yards wide with practice bags. If you want to learn how to develop a man to man defense step by step from the ground up, check out. Guide for coaching the linebackers youth football online. There is a difference between the assignments of a 2gap vs 1gap linebacker, but in some fronts a single linebacker may be a 2gapper when the other linebackers are 1gap players. In a 43 defensive formation, the four defensive linemen are backed by three linebackers. One is the outside linebacker olb, whose job is to tackle players, rush the passer, and sometimes drop back in coverage to prevent catches.

The linebackers in the 44 defense need to be able to make the tough plays between the. Everyday linebacker drills you need to be using afca insider. Though the following set of drills and programs are not terribly extensive or long individually, when coupled together they can vastly improve a quarterbacks techniqueespecially in the drop back, setup. Strong fundamentals are the key to putting a winning team on the field and we. Legendary linebackers such as dick butkus, bill romanowski, and lawrence taylor were known as being vicious enforcers who. Point drill variation of coach wyatts bird dog drill. Next, find the weakside linebacker referred to as will. The weak side linebacker, or will linebacker, is one of three linebackers on a standard defensive crew.

Having the far side linebacker, for example, try to get across and match. Linebacker skills and drills by william lund coachtube. Because the weakside linebacker is most likely used in these. The complete guide to outside linebacker drills postema. Shuffle hips drill linebacker shuffle hips drill works on developing quickness and change of direction as well as keeping good linebacker position and never crossing feet. A linebacker lb or backer is a playing position in gridiron football. The strongside linebacker, or sam linebacker, is a versatile run and pass coverage backer in a 43 defense. The alignment of the linebackers is determined by the strong side of the offense. Start them off in the middle either in low 2point stances with their hands on the.

The important point to remember is that you need to practice these drills everyday, keep yourself motivated, and always look at the end goal. This makes our will weakside linebacker more of a coverage linebacker. Hat placement should be on the side of leverage linebackers leverage. During this blog post, were going to talk about individual youth football drills that we use to develop the fundamentals and principles of play for our linebackers. The middle linebacker, aka the mike is responsible for calling out the strong side of the. Usually, this is a guard but may be the tackle in some alignments. These linebacker drills prepare him to do his best on stopping the run.

The linebacker requires the most versatility of all the positions on the defensive side of the ball. Form tackling drills, tackle tackling dummies, and use tackling sleds for all. This is an outside linebacker positioned on the weak side of the football field, or the side of the offensive formation that has fewer players. Pro shuttlespeed zigzagropes or ladder with movehand. The safeties are designated as either strong to the sam linebacker or free while most of the time cornerbacks are responsible for given sides. In this section, youll find our 25 favorite linebacker drills for speed, agility, runstopping, pass rush, tackling, coverage, and interception skills. A bearcat linebacker is tough, aggressive, and confident. Fall on it if theres any doubt at all about whether to scoop or fall on it. The first drill well do will get your players into the proper stance. Both 34 inside linebackers and 43 middle linebackers have a similar role in the. The responsibilities of an outside linebacker can vary greatly based on defensive scheme and skills of the individual. Practice fast, perform drills at full speed, and run from station to station. Being the leader in the middle of the defense in football is no easy job, but somebody has to do it.

Whether you want outside drills andor defensive drills, the following techniques will help you get better at the game. As a linebacker, there are skills that must be developed including stance, starts. If hips are extended prior to contact the linebacker is vulnerable to being driven out of the play. Linebackers are known for being among the toughest and most relentless players on the field. He motivates his teammates by his desire to be the best player he can be. Since most initial linebacker movement is made in a lateral direction, the stance is a parallel two point stance.

The linebacker square drills are ideal drills to work on footwork on all phases of linebacker play simultaneously. Bearcat linebackers give great effort on game day, practice day, and workouts involving the weight room and conditioning aspects. How to coach linebacker reads in the 33 stack defense. I say middle of the field safety because both the strong and free safety. Strongside linebacker synonyms, strongside linebacker pronunciation, strongside linebacker translation, english dictionary definition of strongside linebacker. Youth football drills outside linebacker coaching duration. Linebacker drills edds football workouts, football.

Linebacker read drills for youth football coaching. In the following ebook, you will find eleven great defensive drills to build a better defense from coach jim huber. Texas longhorns linebacker football drills duration. The will linebacker has to be quick and agile, and able to move. Defense two a gap defensive guards, 2 outside eye of guard linebackers. The default responsibility for the linebacker is to read and react to the open offensive lineman to the lbs side of the field. For a linebacker vs ol case, the lb plays back a yard or two and offset to one side of his blocker, to simulate a real situation. Inside is a mike linebacker that plays to the tight end, or strong side of the formation, and a willy linebacker that plays to the weak side of the formation. It is the qbs responsibility to adjust the protection to handle the outside blitz or allow the receivers to read hot which means to run a hot route shortquick route that allows the quarterback to release the ball quickly. In a 34 scheme, the three defensive linemen are followed by a fourlinebacker set that includes one extra player in the middle, usually a stronger linebacker who plays a hybrid.

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